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We're Hiring!

Join our Homecare or Behavioral Health care teams!

Home, Hope & Healing, our skilled, home health care agency; and Aspire Behavioral Health & Counseling, our behavioral health division, are looking for skilled, compassionate staff who share our vision to enrich the lives of clients and their families in Maine. We have recurring jobs available in many communities through Maine.

Home Healthcare

Home, Hope & Healing, Inc. specializes in providing high quality private duty nursing care to the pediatric, young adult and senior adult populations.

We employ:

  • Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)
  • Personal Support Specialists (PSSs)
  • Regional Clinical Coordinators (RCCs)

Block time shifts enable staff to provide one-on-one homecare services in one client home, for 8-12 hours per shift typically.

Flexible hours and schedule are available to work per diem (as needed), or up to full time, regular hours with benefits.

Please go to the CURRENT POSITONS tab to see our currently available Home Health job listings, posted by county.

Behavioral Health Care

Aspire Behavioral Health & Counseling seeks to meet the needs of clients with dual diagnoses of medical and behavioral needs.

We employ:

  • Community Support Workers (CSWs)
  • Behavioral Health Professionals (BHPs)
  • Community Support Supervisors (CSSs)
  • Targeted Case Managers
  • Clinicians

Our staff provide assistance to children and adults who are challenged by developmental delays, behavioral issues, and complex care management needs. We specialize in bringing multiple providers together so that our clients receive the most comprehensive care available.

Please go to the CURRENT POSITONS tab to see our currently available Behavioral Health job listings, posted by county.

We are an equal opportunity employer.